BYclouder Data Recovery Support File Formats

Office Data Recovery

.accdb Microsoft Access database
.ai Adobe Illustrator (Part of PDF file family)
.csv Comma separated values
.cwk AppleWorks
.doc Microsoft Word (OLE document)
.docx Microsoft Office "Open" XML (ZIP Archive)
.fp7 File Maker Pro 7
.kmy KMyMoney (gz file family)
.lyx LyX
.mdb Microsoft Access database (Ole document)
.njx NJStar
.odg OpenDocument Graphics (ZIP Archive)
.odp OpenDocument Presentation (ZIP Archive)
.ods OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ZIP Archive)
.odt OpenDocument Text (ZIP Archive)
.one Microsoft OneNote
.pap Papyrus word file
.ppt PowerPoint presentation
.pptx Microsoft Office "Open" XML (ZIP Archive)
.pub Microsoft Publisher (OLE document)
.qbb Quickbooks Backup
.qbw Quickbooks - Company File
.qpw Quattro Pro spreadsheet
.rtf Rich Text Format
.sda StarDraw (OLE document)
.sdc StarCalc (OLE document)
.sdd StarImpress (OLE document)
.sdw StarWriter (OLE document)
.slk Sylk, Multiplan Symbolic Link Interchange
.sav SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) saved data
.snt Windows Sticky Notes
.sxc OpenOffice Spreadsheet (ZIP archive)
.sxd OpenOffice Drawing (ZIP archive)
.sxi OpenOffice Presentation (ZIP archive)
.sxw OpenOffice Text Document (ZIP archive)
.tex LaTeX (Text file family)
.txt Text file
.vsd Visio document (OLE document)
.wpd Corel Documents
.wps Microsoft Works (Ole document, see doc file family)
.xlr Microsoft Works Spreadsheet or Chart (Ole document, see doc file family)
.xls Microsoft Excel (OLE document)
.xlsx Microsoft Office "Open" XML
.wdb Microsoft Works Database
.wk4 Lotus 1-2-3
.wks Lotus 1-2-3

Multimedia Data Recovery

.3ds max
.3g2 Video for 3G mobile phone (CDMA)
.3gp Video for 3G mobile phone (GSM)
.abr Adobe Brush
.acb Adobe Color Book
.ado Adobe Duotone Options
.aep After Effects
.aif Apple Audio
.albm HP Photosmart Photo Printing Album
.all Cubase Song format
.als Ableton Live Sets
.ani Windows Animated Cursor
.ape Monkey's Audio compressed format
.arw Sony raw image (TIFF image)
.asf, .wma, .wmv: Advanced Streaming Format used for Audio/Video
.asl Adobe Layer Style
.au Sun/NeXT audio data
.avi RIFF video
.binvox Binvox Voxel File
.bld blender
.blend Blender
.bmp BMP bitmap image
.caf Core Audio Format
.cam Image
.cda CD Audio
.cdd Concept Draw Document
.cdl Concept Draw Library
.cdr Corel Draw (Search for RIFF in FileOpts menu)
.cdt Concept Draw Template
.comicdoc Comic Life
.cpr Cubase Project File
.cr2 Canon Raw 2 picture (TIFF image)
.crw Canon Raw picture
.csh Adobe Custom shapes
.ctg Canon catalog
.cue Cue sheet
.dcr Kodak Raw picture (TIFF image)
.djv DjVu
.dng Adobe Digital Negative
.dpx Cineon image file/SMTPE DPX
.ds2 Digital Speech Standard v2
.dsc Nikon DSC
.dss Digital Speech Standard
.dta SPSS
.dv DIF Digital Video
.dwg AutoCAD
.emf Windows Enhanced MetaFile
.ers ER Mapper Rasters
.exs Apple Logic
.fcp Final Cut Pro
.fh10 Macromedia Freehand 10
.fh5 Macromedia Freehand 5
.flac Free Lossless Audio Codec
.fla Flash Project File
.flp Fruity Loop
.flv Macromedia
.gif Graphic Interchange Format
.gp5 Guitar Pro 5
.icc Color profiles
.ico Windows Icon
.idf MIDI Instruments Definition File
.ind InDesign File
.ifo DVD Video manager or title set
.indd Macromedia InDesign
.info ZoomBrowser Thumbnail info
.iso CD/DVD iso image (ISO0660)
.it Impulse Tracker
.itu iTunes
.jng JPEG Network Graphics
.jpg JPEG 2000
.jpg JPEG picture
.logic Apple Logic Studio
.m2t Blu-ray MPEG-2
.m2ts Blu-ray MPEG-2
.m3u Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator
.max 3ds
.max Paperport
.mb Maya
.mfa The Games Factory Multimedia Fusion Files
.mhbd iTunes
.mid MIDI
.mkv Matroska
.mng Multiple-Image Network Graphics
.mov Quicktime Movie
.mp3 MPEG ADTS, layer III, v1 audio
.mp4 MPEG 4
.mpg Moving Picture Experts Group video
.mp Maya
.mrw Minolta Raw picture
.mus Finale Music Score
.mws MetaStock
.nef Nikon Raw picture (TIFF image)
.oci OpenCanvas Image .oci
.ogg OGG Vorbis audio
.ogm OGG audio
.orf Olympus Raw Format picture
.pbm Portable Bitmap
.pct Macintosh Picture
.pcx PCX file format
.pef Pentax Raw picture (TIFF image)
.pgm Portable GrayMap
.png Portable Network Graphics
.pnm Portable anymap
.ppm Portable PixMap
.prproj Adobe Premiere project
.psd Adobe Photoshop Image
.psf Print Shop File
.psp Paint Shop Pro Image File
.ptb PowerTab
.pvp Php Video Pro
.qkt Apple QuickTake 100
.qxd QuarkXpress Document
.qxp QuarkXpress Document
.r3d RED r3d camera
.raf Raw Fujifilm picture
.ram Real Media
.ra Real Audio
.raw Contax picture, Panasonic/Leica picture
.rdc Rollei picture
.rm Real Media
.rns Reason
.rns Reason Audio File
.rpp Reaper Project
.rw2 Panasonic Raw 2
.rx2 Zotope RX 2, Audio Repair Software file
.ses Cool Edit/Adobe Audition session
.sib Sibelius
.sit Mikron
.skd AutoSketch drawing
.spss SPSS
.sr2 Sony Raw picture (TIFF image)
.svg Scalable Vector Graphics
.swc Macromedia Compressed Flash
.swf MacroMedia Flash (Compiled)
.tif Tag Image File Format
.TiVo video record
.tod Blu-ray MPEG-2
.tpl Adobe Tool Preset
.wav RIFF audio
.wdp JPEG XR
.webm Matroska
.wmf Windows Metafile
.wnk Wink screen capture
.wpb OpenCanvas files
.wpl Windows Play List
.wtv Windows Media Center TV
.wv WavPack, Hybrid Lossless Wavefile Compressor
.x3f Sigma/Foveon X3 raw picture
.xcf GIMP XCF File
.xm FastTrackerII Extended Module
.xmp Adobe's Extensible Metadata Platform
.xrns Extended Renoise song file
.xv XV thumbnail image

Archive Data Recovery

.7z 7-Zip archive file
.a Unix/Linux archive
.ace ACE Archive
.arj Archive
.bkf MS Backup file
.bz2 bzip2 compressed data
.cab MS cabinet archive
.dar dar3 archive
.deb Debian Archive (Same familly than .a Unix/Linux archive)
.dump Dump/Restore Archive
.gz gzip compressed data
.lzo LZO archive
.par2 archive
.rar Rar archive
.rpm RPM package
.stu StuffIt Archive
.tar tar archive
.tar.gz compressed tar archive
.zip Windows imaging (WIM) image
.xz xz Archive
.zip zip archive



.1cd Russian Finance 1C:Enterprise 8
.abcdp Apple binary property list
.ab Mac Address Book
.adr Opera Hotlist
.ahn Ahnenblatt
.amb Licom AlphaCAM
.amd AlphaCAM
.amr Adaptive Multi-Rate
.amt AlphaCAM
.apa APA Style Helper
.apple AppleSingle/AppleDouble
.asm Pro/ENGINEER Assembly
.asp ASP script
.atd Agelong Tree Database/Abs0luteDatabase
.atd AlphaCAM
.att AlphaCAM
.axx AxCrypt
.bac Bacula backup
.bat Dos/Windows Batch
.bim Broadcast Interface Module
.chm Microsoft Windows HtmlHelp Data
.class Java Class
.cls Microsoft VB
.cm Comic Life
.compress MS compress file (SZDD)
.cow Qemu Image
.cp_ MS compress file (SZDD)
.d2s Diablo II
.dat Internet Explorer index.dat- MAJ TestDisk 6.9 Release
.dbf DBase 3 (prone to false positive)
.dbn DriftBox
.dbx Outlook Express
.dc TSCe Survey Controller DC v10.0
.ddf Didson Data File (v3 and v4)
.dex Dalvik
.dgn MicroStation CAD file format
.dif Lotus Data Interchange Format
.dim SunPCI Disk Image
.diskimage SunPCI Disk Image
.dll Microsoft Dynamic Link Library
.dmp Oracle Dump (export)
.drw Pro/ENGINEER Drawing
.dxf Drawing Interchange File
.e01 Encase
.ecr Encrypted file by eCryptfs
.eCryptfs Encrypted file by eCryptfs
.edb Exchange Database
.elf Executable and Linking Format
.emb Wilcom ES Software
.emka EMKA IOX (isolated organ experiments) data
.emlx Mac OSX mail format (txt file category)
.eps Encasulated PostScript
.evt Windows registry header detection and Event Log
.exe Microsoft executable (PE)
.fbf SymBackup
.fbk Microsoft Dynamics NAV (MS Navision)
.fcs Flow Cytometry Standard 3.0
.fdb Microsoft Dynamics NAV (MS Navision)
.f Fortran
.fh1 Macromedia Freehand 10
.fits NASA Flexible Image Transport System
.fob Microsoft Dynamics NAV (MS Navision)
.fp5 File Maker Pro
.freeway Freeway 5 Pro
.frm MySQL table definition
.frm Pro/ENGINEER Drawing Form
.fst QuickBook
.fs Zope data
.fwd FRWD Sports Computer
.gam Games Factory
.gcs GCstart (personal collections manager)
.gct XFI Electronic Fuel Injection Systems
.gho Ghost image file
.gm6 Game Maker
.gmd Game Maker
.gpg Partial support for GPG/OpenPGP file recovery
.gsb Grisbi - Personal Finance Manager XML data
.h C header
.hdf Hierarchical Data Format 4
.hdr ENVI
.hds Parallels disk image
.hr9 Heredis - Genealogy
.html.gz compressed HTML
.html HTML
.http HTTP Cache
.ics vcalendar
.imb Incredimail
.img Filevault
.imm Incredimail
.inf Windows Autorun
.ini Windows .ini
.jad Java Application Descriptor
.jar Java Archive
.jnb SigmaPlot
.jp2 sample
.json JavaScript Object Notation
.jsp JSP script
.kdb KeepAssX
.kdbx KeePassX
.kmz Zipped Keyhole Markup Language (KML) used by Google Earth
.ldf Microsoft SQL Server Log Data File
.lit Microsoft ITOL/ITLS
.lnk Microsoft Windows Link (shortcut)
.lso Logic Platinum File
.lwo 3d model
.lxo lxo/lwo 3d model
.ly LilyPond
.mat Mathlab
.mcd VectorWorks
.mdf Microsoft SQL Server Master Database File
.mdl Mathlab Model
.mem Mnemosyne Data Base
.mfg Pro/ENGINEER Manufacturing
.mig Windows Migration Backup
.mk5 Custom CAD-CAM
.mmap MindManager
.mny MS Money (Recovered as .mdb MS Access Database)
.mobi Mobi e-book
.msf Mozilla "mork database"
.msg Outlook (.doc in FileOpts need to be enabled)
.mxf Material Exchange Format
.MYI MySQL MISAM compressed data
.myo Mind Your Own Business
.nds Nintendo DS Game ROM Image
.nk2 Outlook Nickfile
.nsf Lotus Notes
.p65 Page Maker
.paf Personal Ancestral File
.pcap tcpdump capture file
.pcp pcap capture low-endian header
.pdf Portable Document Format
.pds Reson - Sonar Data
.pfx files holding PKCS#12 keys
.pgp OpenPGP/GnuPG encrypted data
.php PHP script
.pli Mac OS X property list
.plist Apple plist
.pl Perl script
.plt Gerber Graphix Advantage
.pm Perl module
.prc PalmOS application
.prt Pro/ENGINEER Model
.psmodel Delcam PowerSHAPE
.ps PostScript document
.pst Outlook
.ptf Pro Tools session File
.pyc Python Compiled Script
.py Python script
.pzf GraphPrism 4
.pzh Presto
.qbb Quickbooks
.qbw Quickbooks
.qdf-backup qdf-backup
.qdf Quicken
.qgs Quantum GIS
.rb Ruby
.RData R Data
.reg Windows registry config file
.res Microsoft Visual Studio Resource
.rfp Roboform
.save Assassin's Creed II backup
.schematic Minecraft Schematic File
.sh3d Sweet Home 3D
.sh Shell script
.skp SketchUp
.sla Scribus
.sldprt SolidWorks
.sld SolidWorks
.sp3 Sisporto SP3/SPM
.sparseimage Filevault
.spe WinSpec
.spf ShadowProtect
.sqlite SQLite databases
.sql MySQL, phpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL dump
.sqm Windows Live Messenger Log File
.stl Stereolithography CAD
.stp Standard for the Exchange of Product model data
.tax Turbo Tax
.tib Acronis True Imag
.torrent Torrent data file
.tph Pro/ENGINEER ToolPath
.ttf TrueType Font
.tz Timezone info
.url Windows URL / Internet Shortcut
.v2i v2i backup
.vault McAfee Anti-Theft/FileVault
.vcf VCard
.vdi Virtual desktop infrastructure 1.1
.veg Sony Vegas
.vfb FontLab
.vmdk Vmware
.vmg Nokia Text Message
.wab Windows Address Book
.win Opera preferences
.xfi XFI Electronic Fuel Injection Systems
.xml.gz compressed XML
.xml XML
.xoj Xournal
.xpi Mozilla application
.xpt Mozilla XPCOM Type Library
.xsv XBOX GTA San Andreas Save File

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